Prove & Run joins the SCS world competitiveness cluster

Prove & Run has joined the SCS world competitiveness cluster. The SCS cluster ambitions to become the unavoidable and recognized player in the field of Secured Communicating Solutions by covering the entire ICT value chain: Microelectronics Telecommunications Software It will achieve this ambition by targeting Smart Specialisation Areas: Contactless technology Networks, M2M & mobile services; Digital […]

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Prove & Run Joins Embedded France

Prove & Run has joined Embedded France as a direct member. Embedded France is an industrial consortium dedicated to representing and promoting French companies involved in the development of embedded hardware and software. Its founding members include several industrial clusters and organisations: Images & Réseaux, Minalogic, Systematic, Aerospace Valley, Syntec Numérique and Cap’Tronic.

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Prove & Run Strengthens Management Team To Accelerate Growth

After 3 years of intense technology development, Prove & Run is entering a new phase. In order to address accelerated growth opportunities, it has decided to reinforce its management team: Christophe Pagezy, an industry veteran in the field of digital security, is joining Dominique Bolignano and Prove & Run as co-CEO. “The demand for highly […]

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National Assembly hears Prove & Run’s approach to new digital risks

On the 21th of February 2013, the French National Assembly hosted a public hearing on “Digital risks: Better Decision Making Through Increased Awareness.” Prove & Run was represented by its CEO, Dominique Bolignano, who explained how emergent digital risks affect an increasing range of embedded systems and described how innovative software verification techniques can provide an answer to these risks. This hearing […]

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DGA-MI hosts workshop about secure devices

On the 17th of January 2013, the DGA-MI (Direction Générale de l’Armement-Maîtrise de l’Information, previously know as the CELAR) hosted a workshop dedicated to the security of embedded devices, from the design phase to the manufacturing phase, with a focus on the benefits and drawbacks of virtualization technologies. Academic and industry experts were invited to present […]

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ENS Internship and Industry Week

Representatives from Prove & Run presented our technology and our internship topics for 2013 at the ENS Internship and Industry Week, along with companies such as Astrium (part of EADS) and Morpho (part of Safran).

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