Aircrafts in general and airliners in particular have become increasingly complex systems. Physical limits in terms of weight, space and energy consumption mean that value within this industry is increasingly driven by software innovations.

An aircraft is a now a giant, flying computer network, more complex than the corporate network of most companies. Dozens of kilometers of cables connect hundred of systems, from the most critical flight-control systems to the most mundane infotainment ones. Furthermore, an aircraft is also increasingly connected to the outside world: its manufacturer tracks its behavior in real time, the manufacturers of the engines follows the performance of the combustion process, and passengers can even access the Internet itself.

Recent advances such as IMA have managed to tame the complexity of this architecture, and have contributed to keeping us safe when we fly. In order to retain this level of safety, increased openness must be paralleled by an increase in the security of these systems. An aircraft must communicate with a large number of stakeholders: the airline, the aircraft manufacturers, the engines manufacturers, the company in charge of the maintenance, the airports, various local and international authorities, the passengers themselves and so on. We must also take into account hackers attempting to get access to these systems. The security architecture of an aircraft must therefore be trusted to carefully manage the access rights of all of these stakeholders, to prevent them from degrading the safety of the aircraft accidentally or maliciously, and to keep outsiders out.

What we can do for you:

Prove & Run can help you address the security challenges of the aerospace industry with a comprehensive range of products and services designed to help you securely connect safety-critical systems while maintaining the highest level of security.

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