The automotive industry is undergoing drastic changes as it is embracing innovations coming from the mobile telecommunication industry, up to the point where cars and trucks are  turning into “smartphones-on-wheels”:

  • Modern cars include many embedded systems in the form of ECUs. The number of ECUs is now close to a hundred in high-end cars. They are linked to each other through a bus, or bus architecture, which can be more or less complex depending on car models. Traditionally the bus type is CAN but newer bus architectures involve other technologies such as Ethernet for example.
  • Modern cars are also connected to the outside world through the remote connectivity features of some of these ECUs. ECUs that have direct access to the outside world typically include the Telematic Control Unit (TCU), the car infotainment system, and potentially other ECUs. Such connections indirectly expose the other ECUs to remote attacks.

Connected cars are therefore presenting a very large attack surface and security issues are in fact becoming a growing concern for the automotive industry worldwide. Attacks such as the one reported by researchers Miller and Valasek in August 2015 for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee has been largely publicized. Legislators in several countries are proposing new regulations to cope with the growing risks. Hackers and journalists are attracted by the large numbers of vulnerabilities of connected cars with very significant brand, reputation and financial exposure for car manufacturers.

What we can do for you:

Prove & Run can help you address the security challenges of the automotive industry with a comprehensive range of products and services designed to help you protect connected cars at the highest level of security while keeping the cost and time-to-market compatible with the constraints of this industry.

As an illustrative example, the primary automotive ECUs that can be secured using Proven & Run’s products are:

  • The infotainment system,
  • The TCU,
  • The gateway,
  • The V2X modules.

For more details about how we can help you solve the security challenges of your automotive projects, please contact moc.n1563889778urnev1563889778orp@s1563889778elas1563889778.



Prove & Run is proud to be a Development Partner of AUTOSAR.

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