Public Transportation

Public transportation networks (networks that involved trains, subways, buses and trams) are gradually increasing the level of integration between all their components in order to give traffic controllers a better picture of current demand, and to enable them to optimize their use of existing resources, especially in the case of disruptions. In other words, having a clear picture of the state of the network and the means to reconfigure it according to current demand and disruption enable public transportation operators to keep traffic flowing with less resources and to generate less pollution. In addition, public transportation network produces reams of sensitive information that must be protected from abuse while remaining immediately available to the people who need them, such as the travel log of a passenger or video footage from CCTV systems. Finally, public transportation systems must also meet several certifications standards.

Achieving such goals places pressure on the equipment of the components of the networks, either moving (trains, subways, buses, etc) and fixed (railways, roads, signaling systems, etc). They must be increasingly smart to be able to communicate with each other, and with a range of stakeholders: one or more public transportation operators, equipment manufacturers, companies in charge of the maintenance, various local authorities, and of course the passengers themselves. We must also take into account hackers attempting to get access to these systems. The security systems of these pieces of equipment must therefore be trusted to carefully manage the access rights of all of these stakeholders, to prevent them from degrading the security of the network accidentally or maliciously, and to keep outsiders out.

What we can do for you:

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