Smart Home

Thanks to cheaper and more powerful CPUs as well as improved software platforms, practical Smart Home devices are spreading through our homes. They optimize energy use while increasing comfort, intelligently deal with chores, detect and react to personal safety and security issues, as well as taking care of many other tasks. Increasingly, they achieve these feats by being able to talk to each other, as well as to the Internet.

But the home is a challenging environment for computing devices. To begin with, they must be simple to use and maintain. Frequent on-site support is impractical for most use cases, so they must be able to be remotely administered. Furthermore, they must be long-lasting, as some kind of devices support key functions of a house, such as indoor climate control and physical security. A constant flow of updates and bug fixes is not acceptable, as each modification to the setup may trigger flaws in the specific installation of a user, forcing costly on-site interventions or frustrating the user. Finally, and most importantly, they generate, store and forward sensitive personal data. For example, they know who is home and can guess what they are doing. Some devices have access to our pictures, our browsing history, and our conversations, all in the name of convenience. So while Smart Home devices certainly offer a lot of value to consumers, we also need to be able to trust them to behave as expected and to protect our security and our privacy.

What we can do for you:

Prove & Run can help you address the security challenges of the Smart Home industry with a comprehensive range of products and services designed to help you protect Smart Home devices at the highest level of security while keeping the cost and time-to-market compatible with the constraints of this industry.

As an illustrative example, the primary Smart Home devices that can be secured using Proven & Run’s products are:

  • The communication and IoT gateways,
  • The sensors and actuators (lightbulbs, switches, etc).

For more details about how we can help you solve the security challenges of your Smart Home projects, please contact moc.n1563888499urnev1563888499orp@s1563888499elas1563888499.

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