Headquarters – Paris

Address: 77, avenue Niel
75017 Paris

Our headquarters are open to visitors from Monday to Friday, between 9:30am to 6pm (CET in the winter and CEST during the summer).

Getting there:
Our headquarters are located in Paris, France, which means that they are easily accessible from any other location within Paris.

Metro / RER:
Three possibilities:

  • The Pereire station on Lines 3 and C is a five-minute walk from our headquarters.
  • The Ternes subway station is 10 minutes away and is on Line 2.
  • The Charles de Gaule / Etoile station (preferably exit 5) is 10 minutes away on lines RER A, Line 1 and Line 6.

Lines 92 and 93 pass in front of our office. Lines 30, 31, 43, 84 and PC1 also stop nearby.

Velib’ (bike hire):
A Velib’ station is located about five minutes away, in front of 29, rue Pierre Demours, 75017 Paris.

We strongly advise against driving your own car to our office as we do not have our own parking lot and parking spaces are very limited in the nearby area. If you still decide to do so, the underground public parking garage in Avenue des Ternes is the easiest option.

Our office can be reached from every train station in Paris, either by a short taxi ride or via public transportation. Depending on your mode of transport and the traffic conditions, your trip will take between 15 and 45 minutes.

Paris is served by a number of airports, the main ones being Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) in the north of Paris, and Orly (ORL) in the south. Both are well connected to the public transportation network (buses or light trains) and offer taxi services. Getting to our office from either airport takes:

  • By car: between 45 and 60 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions;
  • By public transportation: between 60 and 75 minutes, depending on the time of the day.

Feel free to contact our office for additional travel arrangements.

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