Dominique Bolignano – CEO & Founder (Président)

Dominique Bolignano led the Bull formal methods group until 1996, before taking charge of technology transfer initiatives in formal methods and security within Dyade GIE (a spin-off created by Inria and Bull). In 1999 he founded Trusted Logic, an Inria startup, which he led for 13 years. Trusted Logic grew to more than 100 experts, researchers and engineers in just a few years, becoming the world leader in secure operating systems and middleware for smart cards and mobile terminals. He oversaw the creation of two successful spin-off companies: Trusted Labs, a global expert in security services, and Trusted Logic Mobility (now merged with Trustonic), the leading provider of security solutions for mobile and connected devices. The Trusted Logic group of companies was sold to Gemalto in 2009. After initiating discussions on the new Joint Venture between ARM, Gemalto and G&D that led to the creation of Trustonic, he resigned his management positions within the Gemalto group over the summer of 2012 in order to focus on the development of Prove & Run, the company he had founded in 2009 to explore the practical application of innovative formal methods for systems with very high security needs.

In addition to his business activities, he has maintained strong links with the academic world. In particular he was Associate Professor at the Paris Dauphine University for nine years, and a member of the Scientific Council of CNRS in the field of engineering and computer science for four years, until September 2010. Most recently he chaired the AERES evaluation committee for the Inria Rennes Bretagne and led the quadrennial assessment of its research laboratories.

Christophe Pagezy – CEO (Directeur Général)

Christophe Pagezy started his career as a software engineer with Schlumberger in 1983 where he was quickly promoted to various technical and management positions until 1997 when he became the IT Director of Schlumberger. In 2001, he joined the Smart Card Division of Schlumberger as the right arm of its CEO and until his departure has been closely associated with each of the key steps that turned this division into Gemalto. First he executed the acquisition of Bull-CP8 by Schlumberger in 2001 and then actively participated in the successful IPO of the Schlumberger Smart Card Division that led to the creation of Axalto in 2004. In 2006 he played a central role in the creation of Gemalto by combining Axalto with Gemplus and orchestrated many of the post-merger plans, which ensured the success of the merger and enabled Gemalto to become the world leader in digital security.  At the end of 2013, Christophe resigned from its executive management position with Gemalto and joined Prove & Run and its founder’s D.Bolignano as co-CEO.

Christophe Pagezy has been in charge of the creation of Trustonic in 2012. He has also a track record in building value as a board member of technology companies (Trusted Logic, Xiring, Opentrust and Goldpac).

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