As part of our partnership with the ANRT, we offer CIFRE scholarships to graduate students who wish to pursue a PhD within a research domain connected to our objectives.

A CIFRE scholarship is a joint project between a private company, an academic research laboratory, and a student to pursue a pre-defined research objective. Supervision is shared between the company and the academic laboratory. Offering a CIFRE scholarship represents a long-term commitment by every partner, as a student is expected to spend at least three years working on his or her PhD. In an additional measure to support academic research, a CIFRE scholarship is partially financed by the ANRT.

Offering CIFRE scholarships and helping young researchers to obtain a PhD enables us to maintain a permanent and strong link with the best academic research, while allowing our PhD students to gain a greater understanding of the industry they evolve in. Our PhD students are expected to split their time between our office and the academic laboratory that sponsored them.

Are you a prospective student looking for a CIFRE scholarship or a researcher looking for a partnership with Prove & Run? Do you want to push the boundaries of knowledge regarding formal methods or secure systems? If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, please send us an email at stating your proposal (in English or French).

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