Prove & Run at GlobalPlatform’s Third Annual TEE Seminar

On the 13th of October 2015, GlobalPlatform will host the Third Annual TEE Seminar. On this occasion, Dominique Bolignano, Prove & Run’s CEO and Founder, will deliver a talk presenting one of our solutions: “A Secure TEE-Based BYOD / COPE Solution for Smartphones and Tablets“.


Achieving a high level of security in a BYOD (bring your own device) or COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled) scenario on a traditional smartphone equipped with a traditional operating system is difficult and costly, as operating systems such as Android and Windows are very large and difficult to fully secure. Reaching a high level of security or passing a high level Common Criteria certification is just impossible on such phones. To address this issue, Prove & Run has designed a BYOD/COPE solution protected by a TEE.

This solution enables a smartphone user to use professional applications and to communicate securely with its organization in a user-friendly environment, relying for some or all of its security on the TEE. To meet the diverse needs of potential users as well the many existing smartphone configurations, this solution has been derived in several architectures, which will be presented during this session.

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