Prove & Run at the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity/Cyberdefence Day

Jointly organized between the International Conference on Mobile, Secure and Programmable Networking and the CNRS SSO “Objets intelligents sécurisés et Internet des objets” action, the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity/Cyberdefence Day aims to raise awareness of the security issues brought forward by connected devices. It will bring together speakers from the academic and professional worlds, who will share their experience and their current projects in this field. The speakers will show that the Internet of Things is a reality today as smart objects are now everywhere, and that controlling these objects is a technological, societal and economical challenge.

Christophe Pagezy, Prove & Run’s CEO, will deliver a talk: “Securing the Software of Connected Devices”Abstract:

The large scale deployment of the Internet of Things will not be possible without resolving major security issues and challenges. Most security issues are caused by software flaws, either at the architectural, design, implementation or configuration level, which can be exploited by hackers. One of the great challenges of the IoT is therefore to be able to design architectures where the critical components of a system are well-identified and isolated, and to reach for an absence of defects in the specification and implementation of these critical components. This presentation will cover Prove & Run’s approach of this challenge and the solutions it has developed.


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