How can we help?

Thanks to Prove & Run’s technology and expert consulting services, you can reach your security goals for connected devices (IoT) in:

  • Automotive,
  • Railways,
  • Avionics,
  • Industrial systems,
  • Telecommunication networks,
  • Energy distribution networks (smart grids),
  • Mobile security,
  • Other areas where remote attacks are critical.

Securing connected devices against remote attacks involves various technologies but exploitable bugs in complex parts of the software such as operating systems, communication stacks and drivers are currently the weakest link. With ProvenCore, a formally proven and certified secure OS, and ProvenVisor, a formally proven secure hypervisor, Prove & Run brings an innovative answer to this challenge. With our products, companies developing connected devices can attain unprecedented levels of security-by-design and reach the security certification they need at industrial costs. With our solutions, we provide more security and at a lower cost of security than alternative secure-by-design solutions.

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