With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), there are attractive businesses models for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities of connected systems, especially for those attacks that can be exploited remotely, even when they require substantial investments during the so-called identification phase.

Security engineers when designing their IoT systems can in effect rely on three pillars:

  • Secure elements or hardware coprocessors for the Root of Trust, cryptography operations and transactions;
  • Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or secure operating systems;
  • Hardware or software-based hypervisors.

In order to resist to sophisticated remote attacks targeting connected systems, the last two need to be formally proven. This is what we have done at Prove & Run.

In line with this vision, Prove & Run aims at serving a range of industries using a two-pronged approach.

  • Our off-the-shelf products, formally proven and ready to use and certify, can be used alone or in combination to secure virtually any Internet of Things architecture at the highest level of security while keeping the cost and time-to-market compatible with your industrial constraints.
  • Our services are available to help you secure your new or existing IoT architectures, or to develop secure custom firmwares, OS kernels, TEEs and hypervisors.

Discover how we can help you succeed in your own industry:


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