Network and Systems Engineer – Full-time – NSE12 – Obsolete

This offer is obsolete and is retained for reference only. Current offers are available on this page.



As a Network and Systems Engineer, you’ll work on projects designed to help the team work productively while safeguarding the safety and security of our data. You will report to the EVP of Operations and be responsible for:

  • Designing the infrastructure of our new office in Sophia Antipolis,
  • Upgrading the infrastructure in our existing office in downtown Paris and connecting it with our new office in Sophia Antipolis,
  • Ensuring the development and maintenance of these infrastructures to ensure the growth of Prove & Run.

This is offer is for a permanent, full-time position (“CDI”) and is located in our new office in Sophia Antipolis. This position offers potential for advancement into more senior roles.


We are looking for a self-starter who can work autonomously and has a strong passion for helping others. With a Master’s Degree or an equivalent, you already have at least 2 years of work experience. You are rigorous, independent and have good interpersonal skills. Finally, you know how to be flexible and imaginative when you encounter a new problem.

Helping other members of the team to work productively will require you to be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Ensuring the security and safety of our computers and of our data (access rights, backup, data encryption and communications management),
  • Managing projects (drafting specifications, tracking projects, dealing with suppliers, etc.),
  • Writing documentation and guides for technical users,
  • Managing Mac OS X and Linux workstations and servers (Microsoft Windows on occasions),
  • Managing TCP/IP networks.

In addition, previous experience in the following areas will be positively appreciated:

  • Software development management tools (issue trackers, documentation generation tools, etc)
  • VPNs
  • Virtualization solutions
  • VOIP systems

A good level of English is required. Short trips to our office in Paris will be required from time to time.


Your salary will depend on your level of experience and how well your skills match the position.

Are you interested in joining Prove & Run and becoming a key part of our team? If so, please apply right away!

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