Research & Development Engineer – Internship – RDEI-2018-1

This offer is obsolete and is retained for reference only. Current offers are available on this page.

This is offer is for a 6-month internship and is based at our R&D Center in Sophia Antipolis (near Nice).


Improve Android Verified Boot with a Security Microkernel.


The most recent versions of Android make extensive use of security features available on the platform, including using Trusted Execution Environments and Secure Boot. One such feature is its so-called Verified Boot. While a secure boot gives guarantees that the binaries executed on the platform up to the Linux kernel have not been tampered with, it rarely encompasses Android framework binaries. Verified Boot tries to close this gap by providing a smart on-demand verification scheme of the system partition. Theses checks are performed on Linux side and are thus exposed to runtime attacks on the kernel to circumvent the protection.

As a Research & Development Engineer, you will interact with the team in charge of developing our embedded security solutions. More precisely, you will design and develop a proof of concept where the system partition verification is delegated to ProvenCore, our proven security microkernel. In order to achieve this goal, you will have to:

  • Analyze the current Android solution and its weaknesses,
  • Propose an architecture where the verification is performed in a secure way through our proven microkernel,
  • Implement a proof of concept on a reference hardware platform.


You are currently completing a Master’s Degree or an equivalent degree. You have a significant experience of software development. You are rigorous, independent and have good interpersonal skills. An interest in one or more of the following topics will be appreciated positively:

  • Embedded software development
  • Operating systems
  • Software security
  • Low-level mobile software development

Previous experience with the following tools will help ensure that you can hit the ground running:

  • Android Framework development
  • Cross-compilation toolchains
  • Source code management tools
  • Issue tracking systems
  • Debuggers (GDB, etc)

A good level of English is required.


All interns will receive the following benefits:

  • Compensation of €1000-1200/month (gross)
  • Daily meal stipends (Tickets Restaurant)

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