Research & Development Engineer – Internship – RDEI-2018-2

This offer is obsolete and is retained for reference only. Current offers are available on this page.

This is offer is for a 6-month internship and is based at our R&D Center in Sophia Antipolis (near Nice).


Develop an in-kernel debugger for a secure operating system.


In addition to providing a formally proven microkernel that gives strong security guarantees, ProvenCore comes with a full development environment to create new applications running on top of it. The ProvenCore SDK includes a PC simulator to speed up initial development but real-world platform debugging is a must most of the time. Bare metal debugging is possible but requires a certain level of skills that application developers may not have.

As a Research & Development Engineer, you will interact with the team in charge of developing our embedded security solutions. More precisely, you will extend a secure operating system to add an in-kernel debugger that allows monitoring of a specific application and provides an interface similar to gdbserver. In order to achieve this goal, you will have to:

  • Investigate existing solutions and analyze how they could be applied on our microkernel and supported hardware,
  • Implement the in-kernel debugger in the development version of ProvenCore,
  • Implement the necessary interfaces to communicate with the debugger from the developer’s computer.


You are currently completing a Master’s Degree or an equivalent degree. You have a significant experience of software development. You are rigorous, independent and have good interpersonal skills.

An interest in one or more of the following topics will be appreciated positively:

  • Embedded software development
  • Operating systems
  • Software security
  • Low-level mobile software development

Previous experience with the following tools will help ensure that you can hit the ground running:

  • Cross-compilation toolchains
  • Source code management tools
  • Issue tracking systems
  • Debuggers (GDB, etc)

A good level of English is required.


All interns will receive the following benefits:

  • Compensation of €1000-1200/month (gross)
  • Daily meal stipends (Tickets Restaurant)

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