National Assembly hears Prove & Run’s approach to new digital risks

On the 21th of February 2013, the French National Assembly hosted a public hearing on “Digital risks: Better Decision Making Through Increased Awareness.” Prove & Run was represented by its CEO, Dominique Bolignano, who explained how emergent digital risks affect an increasing range of embedded systems and described how innovative software verification techniques can provide an answer to these risks.

This hearing was organized by the Parlementary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (“Office parlementaire d’évaluation des choix scientifiques et technologiques”), a joint committee between the National Assembly and the Senate. More details are available in the program.

A video recording on the hearing is available on the website of the National Assembly. In order to find the video, please scroll to the correct date (“Jeudi 21 février 2013”). The whole hearing is split in two parts (“OPECST : Le risque numérique (1ère partie)” and  “OPECST : Le risque numérique (2ème partie)”). Dominique Bolignano’s intervention is in the second part.

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