ProvenCore Nominated for the Embedded Award 2020

Paris, France – February 25th, 2020 – Prove & Run has been nominated for the embedded award 2020 in the Safety & Security category for its Common Criteria (CC) certification of ProvenCore for ARM™ Cortex-A. The award nominees have been selected by an international and independent jury of experts. The award pays tribute to especially innovative products or development that are unique and future oriented and will be presented at the embedded world 2020 exhibition to be held 25-27 of February 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany.


ProvenCore is a formally proven secure OS for ARM Cortex-A, ARM Cortex-M and RISC-V processors. It is also a next-generation ultra-secure TEE. This certification is a world première as there is no other OS or Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) at that level of security. As a comparison, the next most secure TEE on the mobile security market – for the very few that have been certified – only reached the EAL2+ level. Providing such a high level of security is a must when willing to withstand remote cyberattacks for devices whose massive compromise would lead to high losses, which is typically the case for connected devices in the automotive, railway, aeronautic, energy, industrial and medical sectors, among others.


Receiving a CC EAL7 certification for ProvenCore also showcases the unique security expertise of Prove & Run’s team for delivering highly secure software components such as OSs and hypervisors. 


“The recognition granted to us by this nomination is a tremendous encouragement” explains Dominique Bolignano, President and Founder of Prove & Run, ProvenCore is the first OS/TEE to be formally proven down to the generated code. The proof also covers all of the essential parts of the OS/TEE as ProvenCore’s Trusted Computing Base is also proven. Those are two world premières and we are extremely proud to have achieved this outstanding milestone. With ProvenCore, Prove & Run brings to the market a solution that provides a distinctively higher security level and a lower cost of security than any existing solutions for connected and mobile devices”.


About Prove & Run

Prove & Run’s mission is to help its customers resolve the security challenges linked to the large-scale deployment of connected devices and of the Internet of Things by providing security consulting services and cost-effective off-the-shelf software solutions that dramatically improve the level of security of connected systems so as to protect them against remote cyberattacks. Further information can be found at or by visiting us during the exhibition at Booth 4-180.


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