Prove & Run’s mission is to help its customers resolve the security challenges linked to the large-scale deployment of connected devices and of the Internet of Things.

The main source of security issues can be attributed to faulty software where defects in either the software architecture, design, implementation or configuration create vulnerabilities that can be potentially exploited for attacks. To the extent that the OS and kernel are to be trusted and included in the Trusted Computing Base, they need to resist hackers who will try to exploit bugs and weaknesses, i.e. errors in the security rationale. These software parts need in particular to be as close as possible to “zero-bug” with proven and auditable compliance with security properties.

As the cornerstone of it’s product offering, Prove & Run has developed ProvenTools, a patented software development toolchain that is specifically forged to deal with the complex security properties of sensitive software components and to formally prove the correctness of your software.

Thanks to ProvenTools, Prove & Run has first developed ProvenCore, a formally proven microkernel that can be used as Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) for securing gateways or devices. Further, Prove & Run has developed ProvenVisor, an hypervisor for security. With these three COTS, you can answer to the most critical security challenges and provide the right security foundation for connected embedded systems and more generally the Internet of Things.

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Prove & Run’s Products

  • ProvenCore: Microkernel proven for security (world premiere) to secure smartphone, tablets, gateways, routers, concentrators and connected devices
  • ProvenVisor: Proven secure hypervisor for connected devices and the Internet of Things virtualization solutions

Our professional services are available to help integrate our off-the-shelf products in your IoT architecture.

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