Professional Services

At Prove & Run, we have industry-recognized experts backed up by years of experience in the digital security market, with world-class expertise in security and architecture, operating systems, formal methods and security certification. Our experts are available to work side-by-side with you on your IoT project to help you secure your existing or new IoT architectures with the following range of services:

  • Apply state-of-the-art security methodology that will in particular clearly set out a complete “security rationale” for securing your IoT project. This includes a security analysis with a clear identification of the assets to be protected, the threats and the security measures to be taken to resist the threats.
  • Design security in your system and apply standard Security-by-Design techniques (secure isolation for sensitive applications, security perimeters, security in-depth, etc.)
  • Help you integrate our off-the-shelf products in your system and architecture.
  • Implement a Secure Boot mechanism for your targeted platform.
  • Develop dedicated security applications such as:
    • Over-the-Air firmware update,
    • Firewall,
    • Intrusion detection/protection solutions,
    • Authentication,
    • Secure storage,
    • Etc.

For more details about how our Professional Services can help you, please contact moc.n1560725512urnev1560725512orp@s1560725512elas1560725512.

Prove & Run offers additional services: for the full range please check our Services page.

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